The overall success of any academy will ultimately be judged by its productivity and 2021 saw the A-Lag win gold again with a team built around a core of club-developed players. In January we set a target of having 15% of A-Lag minutes to be played by club developed players under the age of 23. By the end of this season this measure was 8%, due to the following minutes:

PlayerAppearances (Sub)Minutes
Fredrik Andre Bjørkan27 (1)2,404
Sebastian Tounekti0 (5)87

Over a four year span this should be compared to a fall of 25% in 2020, 32% in 2019, but at a similar level to 9% in 2018. Due to the continued success of academy graduates who were on loan and that have been transferred, Glimt’s productivity ranking from NFF continued to be 2nd out of 32 clubs. Glimt were ranked 11th in 2018. This will allow the club to achieve a 5-star productivity score in the current classification process. It should be noted though that this productivity will continue to fall throughout 2022 and 2023 as some player become too old to receive a score (e.g Patrick Berg) and if the decline in playing minutes of academy graduates under the age of 23 continues.

One player (Brynjar Johnsplass) was offered a contract for the first time in 2021, meaning that nine academy graduates born between 2001 and 2003 were under contract with the club in 2021. Ensuring careful career / succession planning for these players is key to their progression.

Long-term individual planning is the key focus the club, and this has led to three of these players being on loan in the Obisligaen (Hauge, Tjærandsen-Skau and Melkersen), three of them in the second division (Andersen, Hussein and Sundsvåg) and one internationally (Tounekti). 

International Representasjon

Følgende spillere fra Bodø/Glimt-akademiet representerte Norge på aldersbestemte landslag:

  • Full: Håkon Evjen, Jens Petter Hauge, Patrick Berg og Fredrik Andre Bjørkan
  • U21: Håkon Evjen og Andreas Rædergård Schjelderup
  • U20: Elias Hoff Melkersen, Runar Hauge og Ask Tjørandsen-Skau  
  • U19 Brynjar Johnsplass og Andreas Rædergård Schjelderup
  • U17: Mats Pedersen og Magnus Brondbø
  • U16: August Sølberg, Isak Hammadou, Sturla Sagatun-Kristiansson and Aleksander Degerstrøm (training camp)
  • I tillegg deltok Isak Sjong, Mathias Blix Olsen og Kristian Birkelund på Statoil Talentleir i Porsgrunn.