G13 selection process

We spoke individually with the sporting leaders of the clubs within the City to discuss the recruitment process for the new G13 academy squad. Similar meetings have been held with the grassroots G12 parents and coaches. 

Over 40 G12 players trained with our coaches in the “Bygruppe” programme throughout the season, and then 18 players trained together through the autumn. From this group a squad of 13 players was announced in December. All selected players will be with the Academy for a minimum of three years. Non-selected players continue to have the opportunity to hospitate throughout 2022 and there will be further opportunities to be selected over the next three years.

The selection process included opinions from a number of different coaches (to avoid bias), and ensured that there was a balance of late developers, left-footed players and players who may have potential to play in positions that the club has traditionally struggled to develop players (e.g central defenders).